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About Kara/Leoben

I've been fascinated with the relationship between these two characters ever since their interaction in the Season 1 episode Flesh and Bone. Sent in to interrogate the Prisoner Leoben, Kara Thrace is brutal in her assignment. She tortures the Cylon, enduring his religious rantings and confusing half-truths. He speaks about her past and her future, telling his captor that they will eventually embrace and that she would come to love him. Starbuck originally mocks his insights at first, but after the model is ordered to be executed she empathizes with him, going so far as to actually pray for his soul after he has died.

The next time Kara and Leoben meet, he reverses their roles and takes her prisoner on New Caprica.

From BattlestarWiki:

This Conoy copy kidnaps Thrace and holds her in an apartment located within the Cylon complex built in New Caprica City, shortly after the Cylon occupation of New Caprica.

Though never directly stated, it is heavily implied that this Conoy is the same Cylon previously interrogated and tortured by Thrace (Flesh and Bone). Ostensibly, the New Caprica copy of Conoy attempts to befriend her with food and politeness in a reverse-Pygmalion attempt to appease her, and perhaps to convert her to the Cylon monotheistic religion.

Conoy's attempts initially fail, and painfully. Thrace refuses his kindnesses and assaults and kills Conoy at least five times. Conoy returns each time, patiently resuming his attempts at appealing to Thrace (Occupation).

Conoy takes a dramatic tactical change and introduces Thrace to Kacey, a young child appearing to be two years old. He claims that Kacey is his and Thrace's biological daughter, created using his genetic material and one of Thrace's ovaries recovered from the ruins of the farm she was held in on Caprica. Whatever the truth of Kacey's origin, Conoy successfully uses the child to break down Thrace's resistance after the child suffers an accident that Thrace blames herself for. The Cylon surprisingly finds Thrace taking hold of his hand at Kacey's hospital bedside (Precipice).

During the Battle of New Caprica, he leaves to presumably help in the attack and is forced to knock out Thrace after she attempts to find out what is going on. Kara later returns to the apartment to find Kacey, and Conoy appears with Kacey. He uses Kara's frantic desire to take Kacey during the evacuation to force her to say she loves him, which she reluctantly complies. They kiss for several moments as Conoy is unaware of the knife Kara acquired earlier. She stabs him in the stomach and kills him one final time as he collapses on the floor.

Despite Kara's bond to Kacey, it turns out the girl was simply a human child kidnapped on New Caprica. Kara discovers this when Kacey's rightful mother claims her aboard Galactica (Exodus, Part II).